Manufactured Homes

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October 22nd, 2014


Manufactured homes are commonly thought of as “trailer homes” or “mobile homes”. Today, however, manufactured homes come in different styles and offer more options than in previous years. Manufactured homes are usually built in a factory according to the standards of the Federal Building Code or the HUD code, as well as local codes. Made out of a non-removable steel chassis, portions of a manufactured home or the entire home itself can be moved to the site from the factory using its own wheels. Once the manufactured home reaches the site, they are assembled and the utilities are connected. An inspector looks at the work that has been done before the structure is approved. While less expensive than modular homes, the value of a manufactured home often decreases with time.

Mortgage woes spread to pricey real estate

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October 15th, 2014


Subprime woes spread to pricey real estate.

NEW YORK – The subprime mortgage crisis is spreading to a somewhat unexpected place: homes costing more than $500,000.

As lending has rapidly gotten more restrictive for borrowers taking out large loans, sales of expensive homes have fallen sharply around the country during what should be one of the busiest seasons for buyers and sellers, mortgage bankers and real estate agents say.

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Noah’s 2008 Predictions (Part 2)

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October 15th, 2014


MANHATTAN HOUSING – I expect a slower than normal wall street bonus season in the months of JAN – APRIL, in terms of buyer demand. As for bonuses, yes I think they will be given out (with some departments seeing drastic cuts in bonuses) but its HOW THEY ARE SPENT that I’m a bit concerned about. I expect inventory to build as we near summertime, as a result of a slower than normal bonus season, and wall street to deteriorate as we get more clues about whether we are in a recession or not. As wall street falls, so will confidence and demand on the buy side for Manhattan real estate products. At the same time, we will see more types of sellers contribute to inventory builds toward the end of 2008; speculators, foreign buyers flipping, second home’s selling, and struggling buyers who bought a bit more than they can chew or whose job security has changed to the negative. I expect job losses to grow during the first two quarters of the year as a result of the credit crisis and hit to the financial sector, leading to what I described above.

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Scottsdale Upscale Residences

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October 8th, 2014

In 2006, Scottsdale made it to America’s top ten residential markets with total luxury home sales totaling close to $600 million. It carries some of the most desirable neighborhoods in the Phoenix area, bordering natural deserts and within walking distance from golf green areas.

Communities such as DC Ranch – Silverleaf, Desert Mountain, Desert Highlands, Legend Trail, Terravita, and Grayhawk have all been planned very carefully for utmost livability. Value of houses can fetch as much as $10 million or more. Some gated communities even offer amenities such as tennis courts, full health club facilities, community swimming pools, biking, and hiking trails.

New York’s Mortgage Woes in Real Estate

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October 1st, 2014


There is a mortgage crisis in New York, not only in low cost houses, but also in homes that are valued $500,000 or more.

Real estate agents say that lending activities in the area has fallen dramatically even during this peak season, when buyers and sellers should be busy. Mortgage bankers say that the change is due to tighter financing. Since the borrowers are starting to find it hard to get lenders who will fund big amounts of financing, they do not bother to buy at all. And even when they do, they usually end up in banks charging as much as 9% in interest.

Investing on Dubai Real Estate (Part 1)

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September 24th, 2014

If you want to purchase real estate in Dubai for investment purposes, you will find that the properties nearing completion have the greatest potential to bring you rewards. If you sell the property, you can expect a premium on the capital value. If you decided to rent it out, you can get revenues from the monthly rentals.

However, to maintain a good investment deal, you must account for the cost that you have to incur either one-time or in a recurring basis. Like for example, if you entered a property transaction through a consultant, you have to pay for brokerage charges ranging from 2-6%.

Lauren Conrad’s Mansion

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September 17th, 2014


Lauren Conrad apparently still has a lot of money from her time doing the reality show The Hills because she was still able to get herself a really expensive and beautiful mansion in Los Angeles. The once reality star dropped $3.7 million for a 4,300 square feet mansion with six bedrooms and 5 baths. The house in LA has brand new kitchen, a basketball court and a big back yard, in case she decides to host a party for her former reality tv co-stars, then this place is definitely ready.

Lauren Conrad starred in Laguna Beach then got a spin off called The Hills. After her stint in the show, she wrote several books, all of which has gained popularity with the young women, and has also started a new brand of clothes. This probably explains why she can still afford to buy a huge mansion.

Conrad is only 27 years old and is one of the most influential celebrities in the industry.



More Luxury Homes Go on Auction

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September 10th, 2014

All over the US, luxury homes and even ones owned by the rich and famous are going on the auction block, victims of their lavish design and cost, foreclosed due to unpaid mortgages. Some are simply sold off due to their high maintenance costs and some even to trim down on one’s expenses. They might be luxurious but their prices are falling as the rest of the housing market has seen in the past months. Luxury mansions, abandoned and left for foreclosure can be a challenge for their respective lenders, for the cash they may get in may not be what they placed in when it was bought. They also run the risk of having to settle for a long wait for there aren’t many buyers of such lavish homes today.

Protecting your property

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September 3rd, 2014


One of the unfortunate risks of having a big house is the threat of burglary. High estate houses are always more attractive targets for both amateur and professional burglars, simply because of the expected wealth to be found inside. Here a few tips to safeguard your house from burglary: Read the rest of this entry »

Buying a Second Home

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August 27th, 2014


When shopping around for financing options for your second home, realize that oyu need to make a bigger down payment on your second home than if you were buying yout first home. The reason behind this is that lenders consider second home investments as having bigger risks than primary properties. Second home investments are usually more volatile, and borrowers are more likely to take advantage of different investment opportunities instead of following through with owning a second home. When lenders ask for a higher down payment, they compensate for the bigger risk. You will also have to pay higher interest rates, but by getting adjustable rate mortgages or interest only mortgages, you can go on a sort term strategy to make lower monthly mortgage payments.

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