Scottsdale Upscale Residences

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February 26th, 2015

In 2006, Scottsdale made it to America’s top ten residential markets with total luxury home sales totaling close to $600 million. It carries some of the most desirable neighborhoods in the Phoenix area, bordering natural deserts and within walking distance from golf green areas.

Communities such as DC Ranch – Silverleaf, Desert Mountain, Desert Highlands, Legend Trail, Terravita, and Grayhawk have all been planned very carefully for utmost livability. Value of houses can fetch as much as $10 million or more. Some gated communities even offer amenities such as tennis courts, full health club facilities, community swimming pools, biking, and hiking trails.


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February 19th, 2015


  • 配慮の行き届いた雰囲気を作ること。ホットチョコレートやココア、マシュマロ、ジンジャークッキーなどのおいしい食べ物を一日中切らさないように台所に置いておきましょう。 テーブルとカウンターに香りのするキャンドルを置き、 部屋には温かい掛け布団やフリースの装飾用枕を置きましょう。
  • 大雪に備えること。 最悪のシナリオは来客が雪のせいで別荘に缶詰め状態になることですが、来客の夢の休暇が悪夢になることはありません。 雪用のシャベルや解氷剤、フロントガラスのスクレーパーが役に立つことでしょう。 腐敗しにくい食物や室内のゲーム、ボードゲーム、本や映画を備えておきましょう。
  • 休暇が台無しになったことに文句を言う不機嫌な空腹な来客が溢れかえるような事態は何としてでも避けたいものです。 このような予期せぬ事態を来客が機嫌よく過ごしてくれることが理想的です。 ご存じの通り、来客が充実した時間を送っていれば、天気が良くなったことにさえも気がつかないでしょう。
  • 別荘がこのような事態を処理できなければ、来客が運動できる部屋や空間を作ることを検討しましょう。 トレッドミルの一台や二台、またはベンチプレスは、思いがけない特典になることでしょう。 室内スイミングプールがある場合は、冬場に温水をいれることで何往復か水泳を楽しむ来客もいるかもしれません。

Europe’s Most Expensive Real Estate

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February 12th, 2015


A research firm focused in real estate, Global Property Guide, issued a report that ranks the most expensive properties in Europe. The list includes London, Paris, and Amsterdam. But to top them all is a small wealthy place having the most expensive real estate in Europe, and it’s called Monaco.

The prime properties of Monaco are located in its area known as Square of Gold, which is close to Place Du Casino (also a world famous destination). It’s in this place where you will find expensive apartments, penthouses, villas, and townhouses, some of which are overlooking the harbor and the Formula 1 circuit.

East Hampton, New York

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February 5th, 2015

It is the most famous town of the Hamptons. It is a town located in southeastern Suffolk County, New York. It is the easternmost town on the South Shore of Long Island. The town includes the village of East Hampton and four hamlets of Montauk, Amagansett, Wainscott and Springs.

It is the easternmost point in the state of New York and is surrounded by the ocean on three sides. The town is a peninsula forming the tip of the South Fork. On its south side you will find the Atlantic Ocean, the east by The Block Island Sound and the north by several bays such as, Gardiner’s Bay and Fort Pond Bay.

East Hampton earned its reputation as “the playground for the rich”. Living here is very expensive. In 2006, the median price of a house was $895,000. Last 2005, the cost of living in this town was 326% of the national average. Several houses in this town now sell at tens of millions of dollars.

Famous residents include: Martha Stewart, Jerry Seinfeld and Puff daddy among others. Two first ladies also spent their childhood here, Julia Gardiner Tyler and Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis.

Scottsdale Real Estate

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January 29th, 2015

Located within an arms reach of shopping and nightlife, Scottsdale Real Estate is also known as the “Beverly Hills of the Desert.” It has earned its identity as a glamorous city because it has fabulous boutiques, shopping centers and stores. Not to mention flourishing restaurants, night clubs and bar scenes.

With prices starting at $1 million, this luxury real estate may not be for everyone. But if you can afford it anyway, and you want to seek a private retreat in a quality neighborhood, with a spectacular view of the city lights, Arizona desert, premier golf courses, and the surrounding mountain peaks, then this real estate property might be for you.

Police under siege as stoning attacks at high-rise estates continue

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January 22nd, 2015


POLICE must have back-up before answering calls for help on the Flemington and North Melbourne high-rise estates.The directive was issued last week after a series of attacks on officers and police vehicles by youths armed with rocks, bricks and makeshift spears.

One in five calls to Flemington police were from the housing estate, Divisional Superintendent Brett Guerin said.

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Buy a Home in DeWitt Michigan

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January 15th, 2015

Just north of Lansing Michigan, there is a town called DeWitt named after Clinton DeWitt, who is the former governor of New York. This happened because many New Yorkers have settled in mid-Michigan prior to 1833. The town is very quaint, with family friendly restaurants and shops in downtown area. It was actually recognized by CNN/Money Magazine’s “Best Places to Live 2005.” It is also known for its 5 scenic parks and quality schools. If you want to live pretty close to a large city, and yet want the warmth of a small town, DeWitt can be a great choice.

Who are the Usual Condo Buyers?

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January 8th, 2015

The single largest purchase that you can make in your life is to buy a home. But in the housing market of today, the price of a home is often times exorbitant and so first time home-buyers are considering owning a condo instead.

A condo is not only purchased by young people or first time home-buyers. In fact, many seniors find that maintaining a big empty home may be too much for them because they can no longer perform and maintain the day-to-day work in their home. Another group of people that are willing to buy condos are working people that are always busy. They have no time for maintenance so they would rather pay the association dues.

Buying a Second Home

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January 1st, 2015


When shopping around for financing options for your second home, realize that oyu need to make a bigger down payment on your second home than if you were buying yout first home. The reason behind this is that lenders consider second home investments as having bigger risks than primary properties. Second home investments are usually more volatile, and borrowers are more likely to take advantage of different investment opportunities instead of following through with owning a second home. When lenders ask for a higher down payment, they compensate for the bigger risk. You will also have to pay higher interest rates, but by getting adjustable rate mortgages or interest only mortgages, you can go on a sort term strategy to make lower monthly mortgage payments.

Expensive US Blocks

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December 25th, 2014

15.jpg released a list of the most expensive blocks in the country. This was derived by getting the 100 most expensive properties in the city, mapping them geographically, and then measuring the concentration of high priced home values in each area. They used tax records, property records, and an algorithm to calculate the market value. They also took into consideration the homes that have not been recently appraised or sold. They even confirmed the data findings with the city’s luxury brokers to make sure.

Some of the cities who made it to the list are: Central Park in New York, views of the bay in San Francisco, Lake Washington in Seattle, and water homes in Miami.

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