Who are the Usual Condo Buyers?

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May 29th, 2015

The single largest purchase that you can make in your life is to buy a home. But in the housing market of today, the price of a home is often times exorbitant and so first time home-buyers are considering owning a condo instead.

A condo is not only purchased by young people or first time home-buyers. In fact, many seniors find that maintaining a big empty home may be too much for them because they can no longer perform and maintain the day-to-day work in their home. Another group of people that are willing to buy condos are working people that are always busy. They have no time for maintenance so they would rather pay the association dues.

Paying For A Home Renovation

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May 22nd, 2015


Home renovations are very flexible but before you can even hammer a single nail, you’re going to need money to pay for it.
You can turn to cash and liquid assets to fund your home renovation – your savings and checking accounts, as well as saving bonds. This way you don’t have to deal with interest rates, extra charges, nor do you have to be dependent on anyone else. On the downside, this could deplete your savings. This option is only good if you have lots of cash to spare. Read the rest of this entry »

Overseas Properties

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May 22nd, 2015


If you’re looking to buy property overseas, whether for investment or as a second home, and you don’t have the time or the inclination to travel to that country, you can search for it online. There are a lot real estate companies and broker-established sites out there that can offer a variety of property. You can just search for the area you want for you property, and the internet will come up with all the available information it has. You can even go shopping online, comparing prices and properties. You can also get good advice about the particular country’s laws on foreigners acquiring real estate.

You can even buy these properties sight unseen, just by viewing the photos online. Of course, you’ll have to make sure that you’re buying from a reputable broker or company. It’s also best though buy from a well-established real estate company if you’re planning to buy property you won’t be able to visit beforehand.

The Playground for the Rich and Famous

Posted in New York, USA  by: Marie
May 15th, 2015

If you watch Sex and the City, you will notice that Carrie and her friends spend some of their summers and weekends at what they call, “The Hamptons”. It is a three hour drive from New York City. Most New Yorkers retreat to the Hamptons after their chaotic work in the city during weekends.

The Hamptons specifically refers to the towns of East Hampton and Southampton, South Fork, Suffolk County, New York on the east end of Long Island. It is surrounded by the ocean on three sides. Anyone who has a lot financial resources aspires for the Hamptons as a weekend getaway. It has earned its reputation as the playground for the rich and famous especially for the town of East Hampton wherein two first ladies spent their childhood and resided in the area.

Why is it better to Choose Modular Homes?

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May 8th, 2015


For builders and real estate investors who are developing big projects, it is better to go for modular homes. First of all, it is faster to develop – the usual 6 months time to complete a 10-unit subdivision will be completed in 10 weeks if you go modular. Also, its quick assembly process will require only less labor needs. In areas where labor quality is limited or expensive, it will definitely be an advantage.

In addition, since modular homes are tested stringently for quality control, you are assured that they are engineered better and will last longer. The only downside is that this option might be a little expensive depending on the location of the site.

Noah’s 2008 Predictions (Part 1)

Posted in Predicitons  by: Marie
April 30th, 2015


NATIONAL HOUSING – More ugliness as affordability on the buy side is still a problem. Mortgage resets will continue to make struggling homeowners payments even more unaffordable. I do not think the gov’t sponsored rate freeze plan will be as effective as some think. Inventory will continue to be a drag on national housing and buyer demand will continue to be pressured. Prices will continue to drop in most of the struggling markets like Miami, Las Vegas, & Phoenix with some markets seeing 10-15% drops. I am fairly negative on national housing for 2008, however, if I were in the market for the longer term I would start to get VERY interested in bidding for distressed properties that have realized a 20-30% correction in price since 2006. All in all, I think its going to get uglier before it gets better and I expect foreclosures & delinquencies to rise in 2008 causing more pain for wall street financials. I also expect commercial to follow residential and get hit in 2008.Towards the end of 2008 I expect the rate of declines for major datasets to slow, showing a glimmer of hope for 2009.

Source: urbandigs.com

Hong Kong’s Real Estate Is World’s Peak

Posted in Hong Kong  by: Marie
April 23rd, 2015


The bar for luxury residential real estate in Hong Kong, already one of the most expensive areas in the world, has been raised.

The Peak, at 1,811 feet above sea level, is the highest point on Hong Kong Island and has symbolized prominence and wealth since the 19th century. Formally known as Victoria Peak, it towers above the heart of the city and has spectacular, 360-degree views of all of the surrounding islands. To live there signifies a status level for which captains of industry from around the world are willing to pay top dollar.

Last month, The Peak exceeded its own lavish reputation, with local headlines claiming it is the site of the most expensive residential piece of land in the world. The government land auction of 12 Mount Kellett Road fetched $231 million from Sun Hung Kai Properties — 134 percent of the opening bid and a projected $5,417 per square foot.

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Luxury Developments Abroad Default

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April 16th, 2015

dubaiLuxury development in Dubai are finding it hard to weather the financial crisis as builders and other firms connected with them are defaulting on their obligations due to financial institutions pulling out credit lines or stopping financing all together. The news is the same all over the globe with major luxury development projects halted due to the strain of the recession that is currently plaguing all of us. Most of the financial institutions who were providing their financial resources stopped doing so altogether due to them being victims Read the rest of this entry »

Pool Covers and Solar Heaters

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April 9th, 2015

pool-coversPool covers serve not only for the protection of children but they can also be a great water saver, preventing water from evaporating especially during warm weather. Newer types make use of heat retaining materials that captures heat, retaining it in the water keeping the temperature just right. More greening can be added by swapping that gas or electric pool heater with solar ones that gives you free heat from the sun in conjunction with your pool cover. Read the rest of this entry »

Finding a Real Estate Agent

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April 2nd, 2015


Working with a real estate agent makes the transaction a lot less complicated. The best agent out there doesn’t have to work for a big firm; he or she is a professional who will listen to your needs, who knows your market, and who will work with you in an ethical manner.

One way you can find a real estate agent is through referrals. Ask your friends or family members in the area who they have hired and their experience with that agent. A good agent usually makes sure that customer satisfaction is the main priority and places the client’s needs first.

You can also find a real estate agent through the internet, but you have no assurance of the quality of their work. Try to Google the best real estate companies in your area, check out their websites, and look at the profiles of their agents as well as the customer testimonials.

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